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My 2015 'Made In Puget Sound' Calendar is available for sale now online and at a few, choice, fine retail outlets.

Puget Sound is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. The cold emerald green waters and amazing life of Puget Sound make the diving second to none. I also dive and photograph around the world and strive to photograph, video and display all of the interesting animals, plants and structures underwater and on land. My goal is to inform, educate and enlighten people about my favorite activities; scuba diving, kayak scuba diving and photography.

All of my images are available for purchase in multiple sizes and formats. Contact me directly for details regarding format, sizes and pricing and any special order information.

Recently I was recording the final few months of a beautiful female Giant Pacific Octopus in her den with about 70,000 eggs nearing birth. View the video: Octopus Life, Death & Birth at Three Tree Point. Read my article about the adventure: Octopus Life, Death, & Birth at Three Tree Point.